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Solar Thermal

Heating with the sun.

Simple and efficient, easy on your wallet, our environment and create jobs in our country.
The sun provides 1000 times more energy than we can consume for us – and completely tax free. Every day!

We show you how to use the suns power to cover your daily requirement of hot water and – if possible – help with your heating.

How much solar energy do I need anyway?

The most common are solar systems for heating domestic water. Designs for systems of this kind are very simple. Goal of solar domestic hot water systems is to achieve a coverage proportion of 60 to 70% of the domestic water needs. For decades, the existing rules of thumb have proven in practice. Per person you need about 1.1 square meter of collector and 60-80 ltr. storage volume. So 5 m² solar panels paired with a 300 ltr. storage tank are the ideal solution for a 3-5 person household.

It becomes more complicated with Solar heating support systems. In addition to the number of people living in a house, it’s basically required to know the heat energy requirements. The chosen memory size is then the collector field size. Between 50l to 80l. Storage volume require one m² collector for heating assistance. Our team is happy to help you to find the optimal solution!



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